Big Bundle Lottery

How to take part in our Lottery? 

1) Place your order with regardless of the amount amount.

2) Receive prizes in accordance with the size of your order. 

   -Orders 1 EUR - 300 EUR will receive 1x Lili Cialis (Blister 2 Tabs) for Free
   -Orders 300 EUR - 600 EUR will receive 1x Lili Cialis (Blister 2 Tabs) + 1x Testosterone Enanthate for Free
   -Orders 600 EUR - 900 EUR will receive 1x Lili Cialis (Blister 2 Tabs) + 2x Testosterone Enanthate for Free
   -Orders 900 EUR + will receive free 1x Lili Cialis (Blister 2 Tabs) + 3x Testosterone Enanthate for Free 
   -Orders 1000 EUR + will be automatically added to raffle for the Big Prize 10x Testosterone Enanthate Bundle Free

3) You will be able to participate in our raffle for the big prize "10x Testosterone Enanthate Bundle" if the total cost of your order will be 1000 EUR or more (we provide free shipping for it)

4) Winner of the big prize will be announced on 31.01.2023 here and on our Telegram Channel @thebbpowercom   

5) The lucky winner will receive:  10x Testosterone Enanthate Bundle For Free (shipping fee included) worth 300 Euro

List of Participants:

Order 6742
Order 6795