BULKING & GAIN WEIGHT for Dragon Pharma

Weight gaining steroids are artificially created drugs used to increase strength and muscle growth by increasing the production of hormones and the accumulation of nitrogen in muscle tissue. By chemical structure, they are synthetic analogues of testosterone – the male hormone. Their main action is to accelerate the process of protein production in cells, as well as provide the body with an artificial portion of testosterone, due to which muscles grow.

These legal drugs were originally produced and used for medicinal purposes – for the treatment of testicular cancer, when changing sex, in case of breakdown of the pituitary gland, for muscle recovery after prolonged immobility. However, now most of the athletes use them to gain dry weight. None bodybuilding competitions are complete without pharmaceutical support.

What are the benefits of weight gaining steroids?

Steroids have very useful and interesting effects. To achieve great heights in bodybuilding without them is very difficult. The main benefits of using legal weight gaining steroids in bodybuilding and other sports are:
  • the growth of endurance, strength;
  • reduced time and effort to increase sports performance;
  • accelerated recovery of muscles, ligaments, healing of injuries;
  • strengthening bones (fractures grow together faster);
  • analgesic effect, for example, with arthritis;
  • suppression of stress hormone production;
  • the increase in blood volume in the body, so the muscles become larger.
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