Top reasons of „why you should not start a cycle of steroids“ PART.2

Posted 2022-04-06

Six more reasons of "why you should not start a cycle of steroids" PART. 2


Reason #6
Insufficient Recovery.

This is one of the most common problems on the course. The modern rhythm of life is already high, a person is often malnourished, lacks sleep, and this practically becomes a habit. Unfortunately, many habitually live on a minimum of energy without noticing it. Starting the course, a person does not adapt to the increased load, but lives in the usual rhythm. At the same time, the load becomes significantly greater, which means that you need to recover better, but there is no such habit.

All this naturally leads to overtraining, weakening of the immune system (sometimes so much so that a person can catch a cold in the summer, in the heat of + 30 ° C) and other undesirable things. Is muscle growth possible under these conditions? A rhetorical question. It often happens that after a workout a person does not feel pleasantly tired, but exhausted, and in the morning the next day, the sensations are as if they were unloading the wagons all night. In other words, in order to get the expected result from the course, you need not only to give all your best in the gym, but also be ready to reconsider the habits and way of life outside the gym.

Reason #7

Probably, this is a boring thing, but without it − it's difficult. Planning is very important. It is not for nothing that smart people say: "You need to think on paper." Set tasks and cross off completed ones. It is important to make a long-term plan and try to stick to it. It is clear that life will make its own adjustments. To achieve what you want, you need to be able to be firm and flexible at the same time.

There is one nuance here: if discipline is breaking oneself, then sooner or later a person will come to what he is going to. If you break something for a long time, it will break. Willpower is as much a resource as muscle glycogen. Accordingly, it is desirable to use willpower reasonably, and be sure to allow this resource to recover (yes, not only muscles).

There is such a concept: "discipline is a pleasure": this is what it is desirable to strive for. Here it is already easy to go beyond sports, but this topic is very interesting and relevant, and therefore we will return to it in future conversations.

Reason #8
Stress resistance - normal?

It is sometimes said that a person has insufficient stress tolerance. This is not a completely correct definition. Perhaps a person simply has not formed the right attitude to external influences. This is not a flaw, but just a habit that can be changed to make it much easier to endure the realities of life.

Why resilience is important? Under stress, the body produces cortisol in large quantities. It is a powerful anti-catabolic. In simple terms, the body, living in conditions of chronic cortisol excess, is constantly in a state of defense. The main resources go not to development, but to protection from adverse factors.

Muscle growth? “Not now,” the body answers. “At the moment, this is not the most important thing,” and stores fat reserves. Despite a strict diet and intense training, the muscles do not grow, but rather weaken and lose in volume. High levels of cortisol give rise to a number of problems: from disturbed digestion and sleep to lost potency somewhere. However, this is also a topic for a separate discussion.

Reason #9
Product quality and service.

Trite, but true. Instead of the substance in the bottle, there is only oil, and the most active thing that is in the tablets is talc and cellulose? This is not the worst option yet. On the market, unfortunately, you can find products of not entirely clear origin, in the manufacture of which elementary hygiene standards were not observed. The result of the use of such substances can be an abscess, which, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant.

It happens that the active substance in the preparation is not enough. That is, the cost is full, and the effect does not meet expectations. It is clear that the result also depends on many other factors, but this is a separate issue. The issue of logistics is also relevant. Today it is not a problem to buy a product and send it. The difficulty lies in delivering it to a certain region. Fortunately, there are enough honest sellers on the market who will immediately report the impossibility of sending to your country. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dishonest people too.

Reason # 10
Related products.

On the Internet you can find indignant phrases: "You can't eat protein - it's unsafe!" It is clear that in a reasonable amount this is additional fuel for the body. "Alle Dinge sind Gift, und nichts ist ohne Gift, allein die Dosis macht dass ein Ding kein Gift ist." - "All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose makes a thing not poison".

Protein shakes are not a tribute to fashion, but a necessity. Fact - 100 grams of meat contain, on average, only about 20 grams of protein. At the same time, it is believed that for weight gain it is desirable to consume about 1-1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight per day (this is individual). More use only professional bodybuilders under the supervision of specialists.

Simple arithmetic: a person weighing 75 kg per day should consume 75-112.5 grams of protein. We consider the proportion - how much meat should be eaten? It turns out that you need to consume 375-562 grams of meat daily for a person weighing 75 kg. And besides meat, something else is needed. Will it withstand the stomach and other body systems? This is an exaggerated example, but it explains a lot. For comparison, protein contains, on average, 70 grams of protein per 100 grams of product. This is many times more and is absorbed more easily. And there is also a load on the bones. In other words, in addition to protein, collagen, calcium, potassium, glucosamine / chondraitin (individually) and much more will not interfere, but this issue requires a detailed study.

If we are talking about the course, then the competent intake of additional supplements will help enhance the effect of steroids. And remembering what was said at the very beginning, it may not hurt to study the issue of post-cycle therapy in advance and purchase the necessary funds.

Reason # 11
Trainer / Consultant.

Bodybuilding, especially professional, is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. There are many nuances that need to be taken into account. Undoubtedly, there are those who achieve significant results on their own. And there are those who do not achieve, despite very large dosages of sports nutrition and super-intense workouts.

All people are different. Living conditions, genetics, lifestyle, habits - all this affects the results. What is your physique? Do you have more fast muscle fibers or slow ones? Based on this, which training will be more effective for you? Did you take tests before starting the course? 

What is your blood protein level, for example? Written - 60? It seemed like an impressive number. However, an experienced trainer will tell you that you should not start training with a score below 65. That is, visiting the gym in the mode of physical education and general strengthening of the body is undoubtedly many times better than nothing. However, it is unlikely that with such indicators it will be possible to gain a lot of muscle mass. And how to improve them?

What is your natural testosterone level? Insulin? Why are they like this? Again, what do you need to correct them? The answers are easier than they seem!

In general, you can not know the answers to these questions at all - just train and progress. But not everyone is so lucky. At the same time, those who at first manage to achieve good results, sometimes for quite a long time, subsequently often run into stagnation, which they cannot overcome.

Another important point. Was there any testing after taking the course? If so, and if there is an understanding of the meaning of each result, great. And if not? This is not a reproach. It is impossible to understand everything. You are a professional in your field of activity, and a trainer / consultant in this one.

The task of the trainer / consultant is precisely to save the client's time and resources, to choose the best methodology, and if we are talking about a course, then the means to achieve the maximum result. At the same time, an experienced trainer/consultant thinks for the future: you need to achieve your goals and maintain your health, and ideally, increase it. In other words, everyone does their own thing.

What do you think about it? Your assessments and comments will be interesting - let's exchange views. It's always nice to talk to positive people. Write, we are in touch.
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