Top 5 reasons „why you should not start a cycle of steroids PART.1

Posted 2022-02-23

Top 5 reasons why you should not start a cycle of steroids. 

It often happens that a person run a cycle of steroids (AAS), but does not get the desired result. Or instead of the result, he encounters problems that he did not even expect. If you already hold the treasured tool in your hands, perhaps the following will help you avoid mistakes and get exactly what you want.

Reason #1
Age − less than 25 years.

At this age, the natural hormonal level, as a rule, is already quite high, if it is not disturbed by the incorrect intake of steroids. A good hormonal background means that you can create a solid foundation even without AAS. It is quite possible to gain noticeable muscle mass and achieve impressive strength indicators. Some people get it, and some don't. Why? Perhaps because the person does not take into account other important factors listed below.
Undoubtedly, there are famous athletes who started quite early. Some we know from their roles in movies. If you are already such an athlete, then you should hardly read further :) Do not waste time, get ready for filming, otherwise the director will be angry :)

Reason #2
Insufficient range of knowledge.

Without knowing the exact action of steroids and their correct combinations, serious side effects can be encountered. For example, if a person neglects post-cycle therapy or does it incorrectly, he can subsequently get hormonal disorders, which can be very problematic to eliminate. I don't want to give examples. 
It is also very important to get to know the brand of AAS which you are willing to consume, as there are a lot of different ones around. Brands, such as, Hilma Biocare, are highly reputable and you can easily find independent laboratory tests on their products in open access around the web. 

Reason # 3

It is highly desirable to have a certain training experience before taking vitamins. It is important to strengthen the ligaments and tendons. Pharmacology can help build muscle quickly, but not connective tissue. Here lies an insidious moment: a person sees and feels progress, begins to train with greater intensity, in particular, with greater weight, but the ligaments are not yet ready for such loads. The result can be an injury that slows down progress for a long time or completely discourages the desire (or ability) to train.

Reason #4

This is one of the key factors in the training process. Muscles cannot be built from nothing. If a person consumes more calories, he should consume more. The same applies to weight loss, but only in the opposite direction: the consumption of calories should exceed their consumption. However, calories are different: useful and not very. In other words, it does not hurt to at least superficially familiarize yourself with the nutritional and energy value of the consumed products.

Of cycle, you need to pay attention to the amount of protein consumed and try not to get carried away with fast carbohydrates. Counting calories is not that difficult, but it can seem boring. It often happens that with improper (insufficient) nutrition, a cycle of steroids either brings minimal results, or none at all, and time and money are wasted.

Reason #5
Proper training.

It's no secret that the methods of, for example, powerlifters and bodybuilders are different. Yes, both lift weights, but the goals are different. Lifting the maximum possible weight or working out the muscles as much as possible are two different things, respectively, training programs are also different. Proper technique and aids, such as belts, straps, etc., are also extremely important. A common mistake of those who start training is working with excessive weights and incorrect technique. Here, steroids can also play a cruel joke: feeling progress, a person further increases working weights, which, with the wrong technique, significantly increases the risk of injury.
Although, there are other products then steroids, which can provide you with additional support to heal the exciting injuries or improve your body to avoid them. “Infrajet rhIGF-1” by Omstal Pharma, a product that is similar to well known “Increlex”, is what you really want to use if you want to get yourself to another level in sports.