Posted 2021-11-04

As you know, testosterone is the basis for most courses of anabolic steroids and while using it, we inevitably encounter the effects of aromatization.
What is aromatization?

Aromatization is a process when injected testosterone partially converts into the female sex hormone called estradiol. This hormone has both advantages and drawback, however in case of its excess, the athlete starts to feel side effects, such as: a decrease in the emotional background, gynecomastia, an increase in female-type fat deposits, edema, decreased libido, and etc.

How to understand that time has come
Never rely on your own feelings and take tests on your hormones. Only an estradiol analysis will show you real data. Big number of incompetent athletes focus on itching or pain in the nipples, which indicates an increased level of estradiol for a long time. People should avoid such feelings, because without keeping track you can get an unpleasant effect as gynecomastia, and there are cases when lowering estradiol lowering estradiol required a lot of time in order to avoid surgery.

Estradiol control

The main task in order to maintain a good shape and well-being of the athlete is to keep estradiol in certain values. In most of the proposed options, it is advised that the value of this hormone shouldn’t go beyond the referents (the norm for your gender) and in order to execute these tips, it is necessary to resort drugs that block aromatization. This type of drugs is called aromatase inhibitors.


The main aromatase inhibitors found on the market are letrozole, anastrozole and exemestane. Also, such an anabolic steroid as boldenone successfully reduces the level of estradiol in the blood. The most popular drug for these purposes is anastrozole because of its good availability, as well as other drugs such as letrozole and exemestane.
In this article, we will not deep into details of the correct usage of drugs, however, it’s fair to say,  that this is a practical necessity in order to avoid silly mistakes and maximize the benefits of your cycle.