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Mushrooms as a steroid compound

Mushrooms have wast application in medicine and our daily life, yet who would think that they could take part in steroid manufacturing?
Posted 2023-03-18

Which steroid course is most suitable for beginners?

As a beginner who wants to begin a steroid course you might have a logical question: "with what should I start?"
Posted 2023-03-16

How to introduce steroids in to the body and their effect mechanism

There are numerous methods of steroid administration in to the body yet in bodybuilding oral, intramuscular and subcutaneous administration are most recognized.
Posted 2023-03-11

History behind steroid creation and their benefits

The use of drugs to enhance athletic performance dates back to ancient times and since then, the use of enhancements has gone all the way to the steroid use.
Posted 2023-03-09

What are peptides and their application in sports

Peptides promote accelerated lean muscle mass gain, as well as accelerated fat burning. Skeletal muscle mass as a percentage increases and fat tissue as a percentage decreases steadily.
Posted 2023-03-07

The History and Application of Anastrozole in PCT

Anastrozole was invented by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and authorized for use in the US in late 1995
Posted 2023-02-24

What is Viagra and it's history?

In 1998, Pfizer launched Viagra (MNN sildenafil), the first inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 type, thus initiating the global market for drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.
Posted 2023-02-14

Why you should use HGH + Testosterone

We will explain to you why using growth hormone together with testosterone is really good for you
Posted 2022-06-09

What you should know before AAS Cycle Part 1.

Sooner or later almost every gym member asks a question about steroids like Hilma Biocare, but it is really necessary to understand the basics.
Posted 2022-05-02

Top reasons of „why you should not start a cycle of steroids“ PART.2

Anabolic&Androgenic Steroids and Biotechnology "Let's get the facts right"
Posted 2022-04-06

Top 5 reasons „why you should not start a cycle of steroids PART.1

It often happens that a person run a cycle of steroids (AAS), but does not get the desired result. Or instead of the result, he encounters problems that he did not even expect.
Posted 2022-02-23

A very frequently asked question by beginners is which testosterone is better.....

How to choose what Testosterone to use, what Testosterone is better?
Posted 2021-11-23


One of the most important blood indicators on the anabolic steroids cycle
Posted 2021-11-12

Art of Control:

Take your Estradiol, Under Control
Posted 2021-11-04

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): Everything You Need to Know Before You Start

Everything You Need to Know Before You Start TRT
Posted 2021-09-09

Maintain your blood pressure...

How to check your BP.
Posted 2021-06-07

Check your health, before HGH

Checking your health if considering an HGH use.
Posted 2021-05-25

How to mix your HGH

Mixing HGH is not difficult. Here will be provided all of the steps you will need to follow. Read more...
Posted 2021-05-05

What do you need to know, before considering a performance-enhancing products?

What do you need to know, before considering a performance-enhancing products? Read more...
Posted 2021-03-02

How to use your steroids ?

Before using any steroids, make sure you know how to use them correctly. Read more...
Posted 2021-01-31

What is Post Cycle Therapy and why it is so important?

After every AAS cycle, there is a vital period when you have to recover your body to avoid consequences. This therapy has a name of Post Cycle Therapy or PCT.
Posted 2021-01-17