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GFA-RNAst Manufacturer: Omstal Pharma Category: Injection Amount: 1000 mcg/ml Package: 1 vial х2 ml (2000 mcg / vial) Form: Liquid (Recombinant) Active Substance: Plasmid-encoding  IGF-1 gene Active Half-Life: 7 days Classification: Plasmid Intake dosage: 200-400 mcg / 5days Water retention: Possible Aromatization: None ...
IGF-1 / Infrajet
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Infrajet / Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) Manufacturer: Omstal Pharma Category: Injection Amount: 5 mg/ml Package: 2 vials х5 ml (25 mg each) Form: Liquid (Recombinant) Active Substance: Somatomedin (Mecasermin) Active Half-Life: 6 hours Classification: Peptide hormone ...
IGF-1 / Infrajet - 5x Bundle
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IGF-1 / Infrajet - 5x Bundle Info: This is a PROMO bundle of IGF-1. Buy 5 IGF-1 and get 25% Discount.   ...
IGF-1 / Infrajet 25 mg
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Infrajet / Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) Manufacturer: Omstal Pharma Category: Injection Amount: 5 mg/ml Package: 1 vial х5 ml (25 mg) Form: Liquid (Recombinant) Active Substance: Somatomedin (Mecasermin) Active Half-Life: 6 hours Classification:  ...
Infrajet (IGF-1) + 1Kit HGH No Name White Label Free
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Infrajet (IGF-1) + HGH No Name White Label Free Info: This is a PROMO bundle, where buying 1x IGF-1 you will get + 1x Kit HgH White Label 100IU for free.  When IGF-1 and HGH are used together, their effects add up - both an anabolic effect for muscle growth and for the regeneration of cartilage and other collagen structures. Also, HGH and IGF-1 together will increase fat burning in two different ways. IGF-1 reduces tissue insulin resistance and this causes greater fat burning. Growth hormone, on the other hand, causes the utilization of fatty acids from the blood. This significantly improves training results. ...
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MVCD2-RNAst Manufacturer: Omstal Pharma Category: Injection Amount: 200 mcg/m Package: 2x vials / 5 ml (1000 mcg / vial) Form: Liquid Active Substance: Plasmid-encoding erethropoietin gene Active Half-Life: 7 days Classification: Plasmid Dosage: 1 mcg per each kg of your own weight / 5 days Water retention: None Aromatization: None   Benefits: Improving endurance for the targeted (local) group of muscle Provides neuroprotective effect for the ...